For 2011, Midori chose Kim Kardashian as their new spokesperson. The contract focuses heavily on social media, taking advantage of Kim’s 5 million Facebook fans and 3 million Twitter followers.

Midori was working to be relevant to a new generation of 21-25 year old women. Awareness among this target was low, however, when sampled, they enjoyed Midori. Working with someone like Kim Kardashian, who has a tremendous audience with this target, has been a strong strategic move for Midori. She brings awareness to the brand through her posts and tweets about the brand. However, the challenge for Midori became taking advantage of the additional visitors and converting them to Midori consumers.

Origin Agency developed custom Facebook pages to serve as a destination for Kim Kardashian’s fans and a place to find exclusive Kim-related content. We also wanted to make sure that we “closed the loop” and used the relationship with Kim to push Midori cocktails. We filmed a series of exclusive “how to” videos that show Kim learning how to make Midori cocktails (and tasting them along the way). The strong brand interaction and endorsement videos will be released throughout the year. All the recipes are featured on the Facebook page, along with exclusive shots from the Kim photoshoot and expert tips from Kim on how to “Stand Out.”

Origin also developed the concept and materials for Midori trunk show events held in conjunction with ShoeDazzle, another company associated with Kim Kardashian.

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